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Empowering Teachers

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”Aristotle


Our school system has over 808 principals and Directors.  we have enough Education Administrators. 


The need is for a Fresh – Strong Leader with an Unbiased Perspective to set a clear vision.  a leader that will look out for all of our children.


That leader is Donald May  #Vote4MayinMay



Gwinnett County is one of the fastest growing and diverse counties in the nation, and tens of thousands move to our county each year in part because of the reputation of our public schools.  The health of our community and local economy depends on our ability to maintain a strong public school system, and the choices we make today will continue to be felt long into the future.



Did You Know?

The Gwinnett County Board of Education, serves as the governing body for Gwinnett County Public Schools. Five board members are elected to represent five different geographic districts.  I am running for district 2.  The board members serve a four year term.

  • 2018 School Budget— $2.092 Billion

  • 2017–18 Projected Enrollment: 180,186 students

  • 139 Schools

  • The nation’s 13th largest district

  • Gwinnett County has a population over 825,000

District 2 Clusters: Berkmar, Central Gwinnett, Collins Hill, Lanier, Mill Creek, Mountain View, and North Gwinnett.

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